Kendall Jenner Inspired Outfits

Hi Guys!


I have been crushing over Kendall Jenner’s street style for a while now! Her outfits are just so effortlessly stylish. I know, I know, she has stylists, ton money, these outfits would make me bankrupt da-dee-da. But, but I noticed that her looks are made up of mostly basic pieces which are easily available at an H&M or Forever 21! All you really need to know is how to pair these basic pieces up!

I tried dressing like this for the first time and boy, I loved it! My outfits are not exact replications but inspired by her looks and what I could create with what I already owned!

Here are my inspiration pictures:

Look 1


This was the easiest since I already had all these pieces with me! This is a perfect concert/festival look!


Look 2


This one is just brilliant! So damn simple but the result is sooo chic! You honestly just need Forever 21 for this one! White on white is definitely something to go for to look effortlessly stylish.


Look 3


Super duper sporty. I would totally wear this one at a Fashion Week. The shoes are the highlight in this one for me and the Khaki-Denim combination is perfect. The choker I made from laces of a shoe and the half-up do adds more of an edge to the look!


Look 4


Again, brilliant. Though I didn’t go as risque as her, this would work perfect for a party. Also, it’s ridiculously comfortable. Choker is a DIY again from the bottom of a shirt. Monochrome and hair out of the face is definitely something to look out for to get that put together and chic look!


Look 5


This one is SO me. I love layering plaid and being casual but still stylish. I did everything as Kendall’s look except the shoes and bag, but in my opinion this is way more wearable and can easily be an everyday outfit for me.


Look 6


The last one (the third one) and this one again is comfortable and so so stylish. The long jacket adds thatย ‘fashionable’ element. The bag, boots and shades complete the look perfectly!


Watch the video for how my outfits turned out! Location: Lodhi Art District.

Thanks for watching!

Love, Sejal.

Travelling in Turkey! Summer Style :D

Hi there!

This is how my journey into YouTube began!

While on a 6 week long summer internship to Turkey I finally plucked up the courage to do something I’d admired for a real long time! So one fine day, I just picked up my camera, begged a friend to shoot me and made a video!

These are a few of my favourite outfits while I was there! I picked up a few pieces from Turkey itself and was quite inspired by the amazing sense of style girls have there!

Enjoy! (Ignore my awkward voiceover though! First video hassles :P)

See you next time!

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Goa Lookbook ft ASUS ZenPad 7

Hi Guys!

I recently went on an epic trip with my friends to Mumbai and Goa for a week. I was in Mumbai for only a day and did 2 collab videos with YouTubers Dhwani Bhatt and Knot me Pretty! After the hectic and exciting day it was time to rewind in Goa for the next 4 days!

ASUS sent me one their amazing tablets: the ZenPad 7 to take with me and I used it mostly to take pictures, play music and of course for using the internet!ย One of the coolest things that I found about the tab isย the audio cover it came with! The cover is actually equipped with speakers that have amazing sound quality! Also, as it was quite small and easy to carry we had a little party everywhere!

In this video I am going to talk you through all the seven outfits I wore throughout my trip and also in a way show you around Goa and all the places we went to.

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Valentine’s Day Lookbook

Hey Everyone!

You either hate it or love it! I to be honest am indifferent to it, I’ve never celebrated but it’s a day you can dress up for, so why not?

You might have noticed that my style is very casual and I prefer everyday chic looks but for this one I decided to dress it up! I am so happy with how this video turned out! Everything worked out very well, the outfits, location, edit and most importantly this calls for a HUGE thank you to my buddy Mohak for filming this! He is not a professional photographer, he started off to just help me out and he has grown so much! ๐Ÿ˜€

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As Snug as a Bug in a Rug in Style|Sejal Kumar

Hey Everyone!


Winters have been quite moody this time! They were a no-show for the better half of the winter months but now seem to have settled in and are giving me real shivers!

My best friend Khyati, is married to her quilt and when away from it she peeks through atleast 4 layers of clothing. She and many others claim that when it’s cold, looking stylish is out of the question!

My video this time is all about being snug but stylish and not drowning in a heap of sweaters! It is shot by my buddyย Dhruv Prakash, he has taken some amazing pictures and videos so I hope you enjoy them!

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The Indo-Western Edit: Alia Bhatt Inspired

Hi Everyone!

You may have noticed that I have not worn a single piece of Indian clothing on this Blog and Channel yet. It’s not that I have an aversion to Indian clothes it’s just that I feel like they are too much work to throw on when you are getting late in the morning.

However dressing Indo-Western is something I do once in a while and because this was probably the most requested thing by you all I put together a little lookbook for y’all to enjoy!

All the outfits like all of my others, are very casual with a slight edge!

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Style on a Budget: Janpath

Hi Guys!

I hope y’all have read my Style on a Budget: Sarojini Nagar post! It is the most loved video on my channel so I decided to make it a regular feature and go all around Delhi, hunting and documenting shopping havens that y’all will love!

This time I spent my day in Janpath, a one lane market in the very famous Connaught Place in Delhi and got all I could in Rs 500 and styled it in different ways!

I found lots of preppy and interesting clothes and accessories, and of course ended my day with ‘De Pauls Coffee’ that a Janpath day wouldn’t be complete without!

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The Denim Edit: 5 Ways to Wear Denim

Hi Guys!

Denim finds its way into practically everyone’s wardrobe! My wardrobe has lots of Denim pieces and it got me thinking of how versatile and classic Denim is!

Think about it, Denim goes with almost every fabric and print it is put against.

These are some of favourite ways to rock different Denim pieces you may have lying around! Enjoy and as always, don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel!



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The Prints Edit: Styling Prints

Hi everyone!

I realised that prints undisputedly dominate my wardrobe. I wear them almost everyday and am attracted to pieces in stored that have some kind of print going on!

Since I love them so much I decided to cut out a video about them! This video features my unusually untameable hair, so sorry about that! But my terrace was blooming red with flowers so I hope that makes for it!

I have four styles to show you so I hope you enjoy! As always, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!


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Summer Style ft Code by Lifestyle

Hi Everyone!

Lifestyle was kind enough to invite me to their store to pick out some clothes and make a Lookbook! This idea itself is pretty exciting for me so naturally I am pretty excited about this video!

My favourite pieces/details were probably all pieces with the lace trimmings! More so, pairing sheer lace tops with shorts just makes me happy (It gives me the illusion of being on a beach while living on a shore-less place like Delhi).

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The Basics Edit: Crop Top

Hi Everyone!

Who loves crop tops?! (raise your hands!) I know I love them and practically the entire world is raving about them! Even the ‘bhaiyas’ in Sarojini Nagar know their crop tops well! More so it is possibly the most worn or talked about clothing item in Delhi University at the moment.

This definitely called for a Basics Edit about them Crop Tops.

I’ve covered styling different kinds that you may find in a very easy casual way but still looking put together!

I hope you enjoy!